Experience luxury, feel innovation. Ultra-fine merino wool for unique wear comfort.


Experience luxury, feel innovation. Ultra-fine merino wool for unique wear comfort.

The perfect quality for high-end clothing

Shaminah is a super-soft yarn made from ultra-fine merino wool. At only 14.5 microns, the merino wool used is among the highest quality fibres in the world. Conventional merino fibres have an average fineness of 18.5 to 24 microns. Thanks to this, the Shaminah cross-section contains up to twice as many merino fibres. The ultra-fine and supple Shaminah merino wool fibres nestle snugly up against your skin. Shaminah also features all the advantages of natural wool fibres and is the perfect choice for the highest quality of clothing.

Shaminah is the epitome of style and wear comfort

The advantages of Shaminah

14.5μ ultra-fine merino wool

Shaminah’s functional fibres are made of ultra-fine merino wool, a sustainable natural product for clothing in the luxury segment.


Super-soft and smooth

The ultra-fine merino fibres feel silky-soft on your skin and ensure fascinating wear-comfort.



Shaminah is naturally thermoregulating. It supports the temperature and moisture levels of the body and skin under a wide variety of climatic conditions.


Thanks to the natural odour-inhibiting properties of merino wool, the build-up of odours is naturally much lower with Shaminah than with conventional synthetic fibres.



European yarn

Shaminah is a European high-quality product from the Schoeller Spinning Group. In addition to innovative quality products, strict ecological criteria, sustainability and conformity to high Central European standards are of utmost priority.


Quality for luxury products

Shaminah is creating a whole new dimension of wool quality in the luxury clothing segment. Shaminah feels soft and smooth on your skin, is very light and comfortable to wear. Super-soft quality for timeless, elegant clothing of the highest quality standards.

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